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Our skincare range
[floris_title_shortcode title_transform=”none” title=”Our Skincare range” title_color=”#5b5c61″ subtitle=”dedicated to your wellness”]

4 produits complémentaires qui participent
au maintien d’une peau saine et à la lutte contre le vieillissement cutané

[floris_title_shortcode title_transform=”none” title=”Fundamental Skincare Oil ” title_color=”#5b5c61″ subtitle=”50ml et 100ml”]

Exceptional skincare that harnesses all the power of highly concentrated Neem for comfortable, healthy skin that withstands everyday aggressors.

It boasts an intense biological activity that gives it an incredibly regenerating, soothing and anti-ageing power.

Made in France

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[floris_title_shortcode title_type=”type_2″ title_transform=”none” title=”Fundamental Primer Lotion” title_color=”#5b5c61″ subtitle=”50ml”]

A source of softness and relief that harnesses Neem’s exceptional properties.

The fundamental first skincare step, the Fundamental Primer Lotion awakens skin with a relaxing burst of radiance, leaving the skin incredibly soft and peachy to the touch.

Made in France

[floris_title_shortcode title_transform=”none” title=”Fundamental Day Cream” title_color=”#5b5c61″ subtitle=”50ml”]

An incredibly light cream that protects, relieves stress and comforts in one, harnessing Neem’s exceptional properties.

Soothed, protected and invigorated, the skin glows with restored youthfulness and radiance.

Made in France

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